Course description

Delegating for Growth is a training course that will help any manager to better understand the purpose of delegation, prepare for and apply the steps to delegating effectively, and learn to recover from inevitable mistakes or disappointments. This training program will help to increase company-wide productivity, foster employee confidence at all levels, and develop a team-driven culture. 

Successful completion of this course will increase your ability to:

  • Recognize delegation as a tool for employee growth (not just as a way to lighten your own workload)
  • Prepare yourself to delegate effectively
  • Assess your employees to determine their delegation needs
  • Match employees and projects appropriately
  • Identify barriers to delegation and overcome them
  • Apply the steps to delegating effectively
  • Handle mistakes, missteps and failures as learning opportunities

Course Contents

1 Survey

4 Quizzes

6 PDFs

1.0 hr